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Soft pretzels are a favorite treat, and nothing is better than home-made!

220px-Hortus_Deliciarum_1190Invented by German monks about 1500 years ago, pretzels became a tradition all over Europe. Their popularity has grown steadily and the varieties of shape and flavor continue to increase.






These pretzels are sold in a set of 12 large pieces.

Due to the nature of shaping dough, not every pretzel will be identical to what is pictured. That’s the beauty of homemade and handmade items.

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traditionalpretzelTraditional Shape: This original style was once called pretiola (“little rewards”), as they were given by the monks to children as a reward for learning their prayers.

1 set Traditional, salted: $15.00

1 set Traditional, Cinnamon Sugar: $15.00
1 set Traditional, Cheddar: $15.00
1 set Traditional, Onion: $15.00
1 set Traditional, Garlic: $15.00


CelticKnotPretzelsCeltic Knots: Add some flair to your St. Patrick’s Day party with these unique shapes!

1 set Celtic Knots, salted: $15.00

1 set Celtic Knots, Cinnamon Sugar: $15.00
1 set Celtic Knots, Cheddar: $15.00
1 set Celtic Knots, Onion: $15.00
1 set Celtic Knots, Garlic: $15.00



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